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Once upon a time in a small town called Tulbagh not so far away, there existed a cute little farm, a secret that remains until today, hidden from the world. Tucked away peacefully in a valley at the foot of the Mountains, very near Cape Town, in Africa.

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The mornings bring a calm sense of nature, with the mountains looking over you as you sit outside sipping your morning coffee. The evenings quietly creep in, as you watch the sun slowly disappears over the rolling hills, painting the horizon in the warmest palettes of colour.

Suddenly the sky becomes dark. There is a still silence , the mountains disappear into the darkness and as you look up you see the heavens become endlessly dotted with stars and planets, undisturbed by the touch of human kind. The moon shows it’s face from behind the invisible mountains to complete the picture. It slowly moves across the sky, glowing, like a mysterious floating balloon.

If you look closely , you will find this place... Landliebe Farm. The story is true, it exists.